Cues for Sale


58 in Cue, lots of special work on this one. Points inside the Butterflies and Diamond shapes inside the points. Woods are opposite on each end 2500.00

Bloodwood/Canary wood/Curly Maple

58 in cue, Hickory Shaft 2000.00

boise de Rose/Curly Pink Ivory/East Indian Rosewoo

60 in. Cue ,Opposing Dbl cut butterflies 1750.00

Cocobolo /Chechen/Olivewood

58 in. Cue, inverted butterflies, Dbl cut 1500.00

Burmese Blackwood/ Maple

60 in. Cue

Multiple opposing butterflies and veneer inlays  1800.00

Paduak/Khacho (a Wenge relative)

58 in. Cue with inverted Butterflies on the ends 700.00 SALE - 500.00


58 in. Cue with Ebony and Holly veneers, Black Linen Wrap 975.00 SALE - 500.00

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