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  My name is Andy and I build cues with old style butterfly joints. The cues are Full Cut Spliced (as was done in the past). I primarily use the natural color of the wood in my cues and rarely use stains (including in the veneers, although i have stopped cutting ebony for veneer and substitute dyed black). I focus more on splicing/jointery for the look I like.  All cues are constructed without the use of CNC or a Mill, (as of yet), I don't do fancy inlay work. I have been a merchant member of the American Cue Makers Assoc. (ACA) since 2000, Voting member as of march 2011. If you are interested in inlay work or 4 or more pointed cues, please visit the ACA website on the "LINKS PAGE" for some of the best inlay work you can find.